June, Monthly Dev Statistics

Each month I'll provide some stats about the project with of course differences month after month.

Project duration since the starting date (August 16 2009): 2 years and 10 months

Game Design Documents (Since May 9th):
  • 11 documents with a size of 647Kb in total. (+59Kb)
  • Main document: 169 pages. (+10)
Code (Since May 9th):
  • Units: 73 (+5)
  • Size (w/o XML files): 51,605 lines (+3,434 lines)
That's all for the rant, back to work :)


  1. Wow...great job.

    I stay here, waiting for the next Alpha. :-)


  2. you finish the enciclopaedia.xml? if yes please send me for translation, thanks

    1. I already answered to that, 3 days ago, in the post of June 7:

      "@nenexulo22: You can take the encyclopaedia.xml on the svn, it's the last one. Only update the tags SPMi_xxxx, there's 42 of them and are the only things that are completely finished. Let the rest for now, thank you.
      If there's a sci-fi/special term you don't know how to translate it you can ask me.
      Thanks as usual for you collaboration."

  3. If nenexulo 22 does not answer, you can send texts to be translated.