Alpha 3 Dev Status: todolist + bugfixes + release announcement

The code audit for data structures continues its way.

I'll make an "unofficial" release for the alpha 3, because it will contains 2 major bugfixes, the one with the decimal separator for the European users, and non-European ones that uses ',' as the decimal separator, and the second with the false CPS display when the main window is resized/moved.
I do it this way because the decimal separator bug cannot be reproduced on my PC and I will need to have people to test it.
The two other bugs, the game flow freeze at March 1st and the transition phase during a building/assembling process are reproduced on my PC and are all my fault (so all my code), and will be fixed for the alpha 4.

The short todolist is the following:
   1/ the code audit for the following data structures: opengl, the infrastructures and production
   2/ the code audit and decimal separator bugfixes for the loading of XML database files
   3/ the code audit of the game systems data structures and for the loading/saving of the game save files (including the decimal separator bugfixes)

The alpha 4 will include the heavier work of the audit, the one about all the game systems, including code completion and some interface completion and refinement.

Oh, I nearly forgot, nenexulo22 made the full translation of the description texts of the SPM memes and policies in the encyclopaedia into Spanish. He also made an update of the user's interface in Spanish. I'll include some interface location bugfixes for the alpha 4 too.

It's certainly not the phase that adds new lines of code or needs many design work, but it's a required one before to push further the development. I don't want to hit a wall later because of my bad work. But it's also an error to not audit the code frequently instead in one time after more than 2.5 years... So for each future major versions, I'll do code audit between them.

That's all for now, stay tuned.


  1. I'll be awaiting the new version xd know an approximate date of this release? I wanted to ask that I had forgotten to tell if this new release this solved the issue of delay in starting the game on my windows 7 64bit is produced all or most of the time I have not timed how long it takes but I would say close to 2 minutes and do not care if you run again the direct access that does not run until expiry of that time and then you are all telling you windows at once from the second that has not been able to upload a file (to be in use the first execution of the game) is a vexing problem and I would like to know if that fixes or you plan to fix it at some point in time, thanks for everything I'll watch the news as always we offer it.

    1. Ya, I had another report of this problem, on my PC it takes only 2 sec. I'll try to see what generate this useless delay.

  2. i have core 2 duo 1.86ghz nvidia gt240 2gb ram ddr3 250gb hard drive sata and asus p5g41 motherboard, i dont know what's the problem, but I almost always occurs, and in many pcs (in the my girlfriend)

    1. OK try that :

      just extract the exe into your install dir and overwrite the file, and launch it (DO NOT setup or continue a new game, it's just for this test).
      And tell me if it do the same.

  3. no :( the first time I boot fast but then stays in the process list but will not start, memory occupies 10.732mb by if it's something to find the problem, I do not understand the first time it runs well and then again have that delay

  4. sorry but after it is run once even if you close the process or processes is no longer running and re-take the same as the other farcolony

  5. sometimes it is very rare runs normally, run it 3 times and was well and now has stopped working again ....

  6. yeahhhhh! i found the error! Running the colony far to the web browser runs normally closed, but if you run the colony far with google chrome open this delay occurs!Running the colony far to the web browser runs normally closed, but if you run the colony far with google chrome open this delay occurs! and until the browser is closed the game does not run, I hope this information tells you what the problem is because I think that now you have much more information

    1. Not really, it's the oddest bug I heard of o.O

      Anyway either the audit will fix it or either not, I don't have the time to check its behavior with other apps.

      Btw I adding right now as notice in the readme.
      Thank you.