Alpha 3 Dev Status: end of data structures audit

The code audit continues (slowly) its way, I cleaned many data structures by refactoring and by reductions/optimizations.
After the current one, which concerns the products and infrastructures, I'll finally begin the audit of the code itself, and the first part to be audited concern one of the show stopping bug, the decimal format bug that strikes all data saving/loading in the XML databases and gamesave files.
Since that I know how to fix the regional decimal bug, it will fix this annoying bug, so please you can already to set back you windows setting concerning the decimal format, if it's not already done. It's not to the user to adapt to the application.
After that I'll upload an unofficial package to allow the persons who had this bug to test if it works, and it will since I can reproduce this problem in a virtual machine.

So stay tuned, things will be fixed :)

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  1. i cant run farcolony in my win7 home premium 64 bit at least in my pc,but it appears in the task manager running,why?