Alpha 3 Dev Status

Sorry for the precedent post a bit extreme, but anyway I think I "perhaps" found the cause of this delay and will try to apply a workaround for the alpha 3. I think that's because of the multiple forms initialization at start, something must interfere; I only hope that's not the OpenGL framework...

Apart that I continue to auditing the routines that load all the XML databases and many changes and optimizations were been applied already, including the fixes against the decimal format bug.

Also the databases aren't loaded at application startup now, but only when a "new game setup" or a "continue the current game" is triggered, that must certainly reduce the application startup time, even if for now the databases aren't big, it's better to plan this for the future developments of them.

When all these changes will be applied I'll release un-officially this alpha 3 for testing and continue the audit of all the game system for the alpha 4.

As players/users you'll certainly see many changes for this alpha 4 since it will not only be about debugging but also about the completion/refinement of many small basic features of the game, interface wise, and many of them are required.

Addition: during the form debug I made tonight I found that one effect on the central star object was not used, it's a blur to put some glow effect on the star that I drop long time ago without good result, execpted that now it's re-enabled and its settings changed to finally be used. Here's some screenshots:

At least I show something than ranting this time :)

That's all for now, stay tuned.


  1. for the time then that is scheduled to the alpha 3 is ready later this month? or before going to publish an unofficial?

  2. Replies
    1. ...something wonderful will happen... ;]