The Future of FARC is at Stake

There's a bug that I can't do anything to fix it, the one when FARC launches and the main window doesn't appear (but the .exe is in the task manager) or take 2 minutes of delay to appear.

Since I don't have any problem of this sort on my PC and on the VMs (only 1/2 sec of delay, even on XP), if it's not fixed for the alpha 3/4 I decided to stop the dev of FARC.

There's no point to continue if people can't even launch it.

One of you found that if he closed Google Chrome, no delay was induced and the window appeared normally. Well, it's not an option and not the right way to do things.

It's the third time I try to dev this game and the third failure will be the last.
I'll continue, perhaps, to dev it for myself, but what's the point heh? Well it's better than watch TV...

Of course if this bug disappears I'll continue the public dev.

The rest of the bugs will be history for the alpha 3 anyway.

Sorry for the bad news but a reality check is required.


  1. Don't stop development because of just a single bug that only several users encounter! If everybody did that, then I wouldn't be releasing anything, neither from my hobby development, nor from my work.

    So try to locate the error by including some kind of detailed log file in your game, so you can see where it stops for the problematic systems. That's what I'm doing in my games, and it helped me track and fix a lot of problems.

    It would be a shame if a single bug would stop the whole development of your game!

  2. This abandonment few days and see what I am ...

    the problem is not as serious as you see, as I told you there is some problem with google chrome and I do not think that is as irreversible as you see it now, I see a big problem that you can not have Internet Explorer open while opens the game continues normally after that, in my opinion is not nearly enough to stop the development of the game, as much you can do is finish the alpha 3 and no more progress until it finds a way to know the problem real, as well you have been told to aver any way I can learn what is causing the problem with some kind of event log for these cases, as many games in development incorporate this system to find errors that arise in an accurate, I will propose that if it's a video of how something happens or even agree to control my computer remotely and can see for yourself my pc at the time of the problem or what you need, if I can help you with something dimerlo but do not let the project for a simple error, the alpha 3 posponlo and then we'll see what we do with it, this is an alpha is not finished and that is why there are errors is normal in every game goes, if you come out all the first would learn?? haha just kidding, but do not take yourself so seriously this issue is not a beta

  3. You've come this far, don't stop because of one bug...

  4. Well, I perhaps pushed a bit too far, but it's something pretty annoying. It's just that this thing sux, especially at the start.

    Sascha Willems: the problem seems to be at the initialization of the windows, and there's not much to log. But anyway you're right, even if after the code audit it continue to do that I'll continue to release it.

    nenexulo22, Sigma: yeah I don't want to stop it but it's only that this kind of bug isn't a good start. But anyway as I told to Sascha I'll continue to release it.

    Thanks for your support, all of you :)

  5. Do not give up. Such is life, full of problems. I'm glad you continue development. :-)

    1. Haha thanks :)

      No I don't want to give up, but such a problem is a bit of a shame, and after nearly 3 years of dev it's an inexcusable fail.

      Anyway I already applied some modifications at application startup.

  6. thanks for reconsider the idea of ​​abandoning the project, at least in public