Alpha 3 [0.5.2] is "Unofficially" Released

OK, lemme see:

- data units audit...OK
- decimal format bugfix...OK
- small interface bugfix w/CPS display and window resizing...OK
- disabling of the memes management (until the audit and bugfixes of it)...OK
- tested under Win7 Virtual Machine with non-us settings ...OK

The Alpha 3 is done and unofficially released. Why not an official release ? Because it contains only audit and some bugfixes.
The Alpha 4 will be the next official release, I expect to upload it before the end of this year (I prefer to see very large on the schedule) and to begin the Alpha 5 / 0.5.5 version after it.

The full package is available here: Google Code Download Page
If you have already an Alpha 1 or 2 installed you can download only the core package here: Google Code Download Page

The full changes list is in the Download page of this blog.

So to recapitulate the oncoming dev, here's the near future dev schedule:

Alpha 4 [0.5.2]:
expected: before the end of 2012
what it will include:
  • audit of all the game system units (the audit include refactoring, code cleanup, bugfixes and optimizations).
  • the Interplanetary Transit mission will be re-enabled and fixed too, especially for the destinations toward satellites. 
  • the mission cancelling will be finally completely implemented.
  • the SPM memes management will be fixed (the bug that freeze FARC at March 1st).
  • the transition for conversion/assembling/building will be fixed (some errors have been reported).
  • perhaps all the encyclopaedia updates: topics separated in their proper tabs, and the completion of the products entries with an automatted formating.
  • the updated Spanish translation for the user's itnerface and encyclopaedia.

Alpha 5/6 [0.5.5]:
expected: the dev will begin before the end of this year (2012) if all goes well
what it will include (not an exhaustive list):

  • inclusion of an experimental a on-the-fly turn based system, that mean that the player could switch in realtime or in turn based at any moment in the game, or simply gaming only in turn based or realtime.
  • overhaul of the realtime acceleration system and interface, it will be possible to boost by ticks, hours, days or weeks. the turn based mode will have end of turns also based by ticks, hours, days or weeks.
  • the survey system will be implemented: the player have no access anymore to resources at the start of a game, a survey mission with scout vehicles must be applied to discover them in a region. Survey mission will be also used for other purposes in the future.

Alpha 7/8 [0.6.0]:
expected: start and completion: 2013
what it will include (not an exhaustive list):

  • an unknown but certain number of technosciences.
  • the Research & Development System (RDS): will be a dynamic system
  • products, infrastructures (including their energy modes, production modes and custom effects) and the SPM will be updated to taking in account the technosciences and technology requirements and effects.
  • update of the Unified Management Interface with all the required RDS interface.
Stay tuned.


  1. Bad news, I downloaded de 7zip verion.

    -If spybot is running the farcolony don´t run.
    -When I change the language the game crash.

    Windows 7 x64 C2D e6400 2,5GB GT520

    1. For now you can change it in the config file "config.xml" in your My Documents, change the field < locale lang="EN"/ > by < locale lang="SP"/ >.
      I'll audit the code of language change tonight for the alpha 4 and update the full and core package with it right after it

    2. FARC has a "feature" to trigger Antivirus and spy monitors, so for spybot I can't do anything, FARC isn't a virus :)
      Maybe you could put it on a whitelist or whatever

  2. He he, I konw, i know, FARC is not a virus. :-)
    I told the Spyboy referring to the problem with the chrome.
    Sorry my english is very poor and I can hardly express what I mean.
    The language is ok.


    1. FARC and Chrome isn't a love affair apparently :(

      Damn you Google! >:(
      OOps it's my provider, awww Google you're so kind.
      Thanks for your report :)

  3. Oops, for the language change, it's due to the last modification in the initialization of the windows in FARC, I forgot to modify one thing.
    A 2 min bugfix.

  4. With ten percent of the benefits I am satisfied, as betatester.
    It´s a joke. xD

    1. Hmmm lemme me see, 10% of $0 = ... $0

      OK that's a deal :P

  5. OK, the bug is fixed, I simply rewrote all the code in the routine of the language change.

    It was badly coded and sadly it's not the last part to fix for the alpha 4, month and month of pleasure. :)

    I don't have the time to upload a patch tonight, I'll upload a new core package tomorrow night.

  6. thanks for this alpha, I'll try and so far I've been on holiday in the town with my uncles. Regards and keep working :)