Alpha 3 - Dev Status: decimal format bug tested

I just tested the current build in the win7 virtual machine (set with the non-us decimal format ",") and all works, so it must work on your computer too now, if it wasn't the case.

I continue to audit the data_game unit and will apply the same fix and optimizations on the routine that load and save a game file.
After that I'll tweak some little things and will upload the build.

Complementary to the previous post, concerning the alpha 4, I'll also apply these main changes:
-          the Interplanetary Transit mission will be re-enabled and fixed too, especially for the destinations toward satellites.
-          the mission cancelling will be finally completely implemented
-          the SPM memes management will be fixed (the bug that freeze FARC at March 1st)
-          the transition for conversion/assembling/building will be fixed (some errors have been reported)
I hope to upload the alpha 3 for the third anniversary of FARC (August 16th).
That’s all, stay tuned.


  1. very good news!!!!

    grettings, good work ;)

    1. Thanks for your support as usual ;p

      The audit of the game data unit will be completed tomorrow and I'll process the save game file unit. After that it will be 100% complete for all the data of FARC.
      I'm happy of that, it's a boring but required work.