Alpha 3 Hotfix and Alpha 4 Dev Status

OK here's a new core package which hotfix the language switch: Google Code

You can use it with any Alpha 1/2 or 3 already installed.

From tomorrow the dev of the Alpha 4 will begin, a lot of things has to be fixed and completed.

Month and month of pleasure :)

Stay tuned.


  1. I wonder if for the alpha 4 going to fix the problems of overlapping texts at least in the Spanish texts overlap each other and it is difficult to read the texts, had already uploaded pictures for you to see what I mean, but if you need that the rise again and I do not understand if I go by what I mean, my English is pretty bad and not if I explained well, then as a last little problem is the help panel that is in French, not that is if you included something translated or not there is an error when specifying the language of the Help menu, again if you need a photo let me know, and if there are new things translate well and I've also found some small error in the text that will correct as soon as more to translate and you do everything together.

    Thanks for everything and congratulations on the far each colony alpha is much more refined.

    Ahhh now I forgot I had before the delay to run if the browser was open and disappeared instantly runs so congratulations to correct the problem that drove you crazy few days ago

    1. Hi Alejandro. Yes, it's even already fixed; I completed yesterday night all the updates concerning the Spanish language
      That include the interface fixes (no more overlap), and also include the updates of the user's interface and encyclopaedia texts made by nenexulo22.
      The help panel is also no more in French, since nenexulo22 has also updated the texts of this one.
      Yeah it was in French because I couldn't let the entries empty so I copied/pasted the French part into the Spanish part as a temporary measure. They weren't translated yet; it's OK too now :).
      Thanks for the report about the delay!