Alpha 3 Status: audit database loading unit is complete

I just completed yesterday the audit/optimization and bug fixes of the unit that contains all the XML database loading routines. The code has been greatly reduced and optimized and the decimal format bugfixes are now included.

Next step concern the full audit of the game data unit and the savegame loading/saving unit.

After that I'll un-oficially  release the alpha 3 to confirm that the decimal format bug is really killed and will begin the alpha 4, which will include all the audit of the game systems themselves. It will also include many small interface changes and additions.
Finally, I'll also include the last Spanish translations made by nenexulo22 in this alpha 4.

In parallel of that I developping at work, during my breaks, an expansion of the encyclopaedia; the main topics will be separated in their proper tabs (like game systems, infrastructures and so on) and I cleaning up the lists. I also working on the formatting of the descriptions concerning the products, as I made it for the SPM memes and policies.
I don't know if it will be ready for the alpha 4 but anyway it will be included in an upcoming release when it will be the time to do it.

Also from the alpha 3 the .7z packages will beseparated in core and assets packs. I make that to prevent you to re-download the same assets for each release, the assets pack will not be required if you have already an alpha 1 or 2 package. No executable installer will be uploaded for this alpha 3.

That's all for now, stay tuned.