Alpha 4 Dev Status: Spanish Language and UMI

The Spanish language is completely updated, with all the translation work done by nenexulo22, and fixed. That's mean no more overlap of texts and other things.

I working actually into the Faction tab of the Unified Management Interface (UMI), that include the code audit of all the routines linked to it and of course all the required code completion, bug fixes and refinements.

The Faction tab is the only one to be completed for now, but of course the others will follow in future releases.

I don't show you anything until I haven't finished this interface update part. This part will also include many updates and refinements in the Colony Panel.

In the next blog post I'll put some screenshots.

After that I'll begin a big part of the alpha 4, the complete overhaul of the management of the space units missions, including the related data structures, the core system, the two missions (Interplanetary Transit and Colonization) and the mission cancelling that is disabled for now yet.
It's a big part because it represent the worst and dirtiest code made in this game, so a winter cleaning is more than required, especially before to add any other mission, and there will be many other than only two.

That's all for now, stay tuned :)

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