Alpha 4 [0.5.2] Dev Status: Task System and Space Units Missions

As usual, there are been a small delay for the completion of the UMI, but the overhaul has been finished yesterday night. Tonight I'll complete its audit and will pass to the next step: the task and mission system overhaul and audit.
That include the task initialization + management, the space units missions (interplanetary transit and colonization missions), and the complete rewrite and completion of mission cancellation.
To cleanup this mess is more than mandatory before to add something new.

After that big part I'll do the code audit for the SPM, with the memes management bugfix (the show stopper at March 1st in game time).

It wasn't the initial todolist but I prefer to concentrate on the more urgent things to do first.

Finally after all that I'll see how much time is left until the release of the alpha 4, if there is some left I'll apply updates of the colony panel, including the expansion of the interface of the infrastructure assembling/building, and some other changes.

If there aren't, I'll release and will begin the development of the alpha 5 [0.5.5] that will include the overhaul of the realtime game flow system, the implementation of the turn-based system, the complete rewrite of the command popup menu and the implementation of the planetary survey for the resources.
That include the interface refinement I couldn't do for the alpha 4.

I try to do my best to make FARC features complete at the beta, in a 2-3 years range (2015 is my maximum target for a 1.0 beta), but don't hope for 3 tons of stuff until that. It's only a one man project in part-time.

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