Alpha 4 [0.5.2] Dev Status: the UMI, part 2

What a work!

That's all I can say, the code of the Unified Interface Management that concern the policies enforcement was a bit... messy.
I continuing to complete it and beside it I completed some part of required game system:
  • the one concerning the player's faction status rule, that can limit how the player can enforce a policy and change of political, economical, health and spiritual system.
  • the one concerning the headquarter presence. There are 3 types of headquarter: basic, secondary and primary/unique. The presence or not in a faction (either the player or an AI one) limit more or less what is possible to do at the faction and colony level. The policy enforcement is affected by it. Take a look at the screenshot below, cropped form the game design document, to have a glimpse of the details
The designation of primary and secondary HQ change according to the faction's current political system. For some the primary HQ represents the centralized higher authority, but for others, like the AIchitect political system, any HQ is a primary one.
In the future I'll implement additional game effect, like in case of the loss of a HQ, as destroyed by an enemy or a natural event.

In the UMI, with the policies enforcement, the player is informed by any problem concerning the HQ and the player's faction status.

So as you can see, the updates doesn't concern only the interface... small changes, big effects...

Normally I should have finished that tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


  1. I've seen updated texts of the game, when he comes back to do some things today I'll get to correct and update the translation. I do copy and paste the text from the web and stick it in the original file? I say to you do not have to spend the entire file ...

    1. You can create a custom file or use a copy of the original and send it to me, I have a compare tool in the editor anyway.
      Thank you.