Alpha 4 [0.5.2] Dev Status: the UMI

I'm working again on the UMI, and like for all interface elements, it takes some time.
The Faction tab content is now cleaned up: all government details are correctly displayed and there are no more errors/misplacing of the circular progress components that display the level of the player's faction and the dependence status. All stay correctly in place and the texts of the circular progress components are displayed correctly.

You can see the small screenshot below:

The overhaul of the SPM Setting code is also completed (no screenshot since there's no visible difference) and I currently working on the policies enforcement interface.
It's a bit more complex part to do because I need to complete the rules concerning the limitations of the policies enforcement according to the player's faction dependence status levels.
I'll complete the doc tomorrow, will update the rules and will complete the policy enforcement.

After all that I will complete the code audit for the UMI and will pass to the next step of this alpha 4.


  1. very good work,

    that for some time the new updates on file always gives the same error? eg:

    Alpha 4 - Build 885:
    *(WIP)- Unified Management Interface full fixes, including the code audit of the
    corresponding units and routines..
    Affected files expand all collapse all
    Modify /trunk/ui/farc_ui_umifaction.pas diff
    Files are empty.

    always says files are empty

    1. Thank you Alejandro.

      It's OK for me, , there's no problems with the files, the diff works too

  2. if you've seen the problem is if you use google translator longer appear the texts and tells me files are always empty.

    Thanks and forgive the confusion did not know it was the fault of google translator.