Alpha 4 Dev & Design Status: Resources Survey

I stopped the dev during this long weekend to concentrate on one major addition of this alpha 4, the resources survey.
I just finished the design, including the calculations, yesterday and I’ll add it in the doc tomorrow, after the completion of an overhaul of the main doc.
Even if this Alpha 4 doesn’t include a new major feature, it will contain, at the time of release, many changes and additions, and the resources survey is one of them.
What it is about?
Well, from the alpha 4, the player will don’t have access anymore to any of the region's resource “magically” just after the setting of the new colony (it's a hardcoded stuff for now). It will be required to commit a survey mission, in the settlement’s region, to find them.
This survey is one part of the planetary survey system; in the future it will be possible to set expedition to not only for the resources but also for the biosphere, the foreign settlements and even the features & artifacts.
The resource survey system will reveal progressively to the player the different resource spots a region can have, with its generated data, and will update that until the survey expedition complete its mission.
I’ll also include some survey vehicles to allow the players to be able to set up a mission (like UAVs, rovers or antigrav platform).
Like all things in FARC, the duration and difficulty of a survey expedition will depends on many variables, like the region’s relief and weather, the orbital object’s gravity and also the region's resources data.

That's all for now, the dev itself will continue tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


  1. I like a good idea as you have raised, I hope not many problems the implement.

    1. Thank you Alejandro. Nope the rule itself is pretty simple, it's more calculations than something else. Most of the work will concern the additions in the user's interface to allow the player to use it.