Alpha 4 [0.5.2] Dev Status: Space Units Missions- 50%

This part is really a slow progress but the Colonization mission is nearly completed.
Like for the rest it's now AI compliant, support docked and also not docked space units (that wasn't the case before).

More than a code audit, a complete rewrite of all the space units mission routines is required, I didn't suspected at which level this part of FARC's code was messy. So much things were wrong that's not even acceptable. I wasted already 2 month just to fix the crap I did, but anyway it's better now than later. Too much projects kill themselves because of bad code and the lack of will to their dev to fix it.

Anyway, I'll complete the colonization mission tonight. After that I'll do the same for the interplanetary transit one and I'll implement the mission cancellation mission.

Finally, after that, it will depend on the time I'll have left before Nov. 15, if I have some I'll continue the alpha 4 plan, if it's not the case I'll transfer the rest of the todo list for the alpha 5 [0.5.5].

The joy of part-time coding.

(rant) Spanish Translation on Hold and a Word of Encouragement

The Spanish translation is on hold for now because the two people that helped me struggling actually w/ the financial crisis in Spain and the rest of Europe.

So I would like to send my 2 cents of support to these two people, their country and all the rest of Europe. I feel myself particularly concerned since I'm from Europe originally and all that left of my family living in Europe too.

I hope that the heads of state will finally, at last, enforce a real and sustainable solution for you all and rapidly...

Take care.

Alpha 4 [0.5.2] Dev Status: small update

I post to only say that I continuing to audit the space units missions system.

It's so much a mess that I need to put down some parts (mainly the core part and also the user's interface) and rewrite it.

But it begins to be cleaned and fixed and now the code is even AI's compliant, nothing was even implemented to take in account the missions of the AIs' space units...
Since that AIs will be implemented in the 0.7.5, at least in 5 releases without counting the alpha 4, it's the time now to ironing all that stuff.

After that the core, the user's interface and the two missions are completely cleaned and bugfixed I'll write the mission cancelling and after that will pass to the audit of the SPM as specified in the previous posts.

At least this alpha 4 doesn't contain only bugfixes but its code become future proof for future features.

Stay tuned, I always hope to release the alpha 4 before mid-November.

Alpha 4 [0.5.2] Dev Status: Space Units Missions

Finally the data structure of the tasks is completely audited, refactored and optimized.

It is also now open to future missions (it wasn't really the case before) and also open to the other types, of task like the planetary survey, and is a required element to implement the resources survey in the alpha 5.

Believe it or not but since I was updating the data through the code, I found unexpected errors in some parts of the task assignation. It's not corrected yet, but will be in the next step of this alpha 4.

Talking about the next step, it is now the time to audit completely the space units mission system, including the interplanetary transit and colonization missions. I'll also complete the code for the mission cancelling (I'll talk about it in the next post when it will be finished).

After that I'll audit the code of the Socio-Political Matrix system, including the last show stopper bug fix.

It progress a bit too slowly in my POV but anyway I'm on time with my deadline at mid November for now.
Don't worry for the future, because in fact I did some bad code at the start of the development, 3 years ago, including some bad design decisions. Things has evolved since and I will no more take so much time just to audit about 3 years of coding. I created some "policies" to prevent any bad design decision, and it's better to prevent that because it can be costly in time wasted.
Of course there will be always standard code audit for these unfamous bugs, and more FARC takes shape, more the things become clear :)

Stay tuned.