Alpha 4 [0.5.2] Dev Status: small update

I post to only say that I continuing to audit the space units missions system.

It's so much a mess that I need to put down some parts (mainly the core part and also the user's interface) and rewrite it.

But it begins to be cleaned and fixed and now the code is even AI's compliant, nothing was even implemented to take in account the missions of the AIs' space units...
Since that AIs will be implemented in the 0.7.5, at least in 5 releases without counting the alpha 4, it's the time now to ironing all that stuff.

After that the core, the user's interface and the two missions are completely cleaned and bugfixed I'll write the mission cancelling and after that will pass to the audit of the SPM as specified in the previous posts.

At least this alpha 4 doesn't contain only bugfixes but its code become future proof for future features.

Stay tuned, I always hope to release the alpha 4 before mid-November.


  1. hi! sorry for not signs of life but my pc is break the main board and the crisis not permit purchase new main board for my pc, i wild try purchase main board soon. Good news good work, i stay tuned.

  2. Hi Alejandro, no problems, I know about the bad things that occurs in your country since I follow the financial news, and I though about you and nenexulo22.
    I hope you'll be able to get over this crisis, take your time and help yourself first, FARC will stay here and alive for the years to come :)

    Take care.

  3. thanks for their patience and understanding, as you say not a good time for the country, it is now time to look good for the money invested and spent by it for anything else you may need ...