Alpha 4 [0.5.2] Dev Status: Space Units Missions- 50%

This part is really a slow progress but the Colonization mission is nearly completed.
Like for the rest it's now AI compliant, support docked and also not docked space units (that wasn't the case before).

More than a code audit, a complete rewrite of all the space units mission routines is required, I didn't suspected at which level this part of FARC's code was messy. So much things were wrong that's not even acceptable. I wasted already 2 month just to fix the crap I did, but anyway it's better now than later. Too much projects kill themselves because of bad code and the lack of will to their dev to fix it.

Anyway, I'll complete the colonization mission tonight. After that I'll do the same for the interplanetary transit one and I'll implement the mission cancellation mission.

Finally, after that, it will depend on the time I'll have left before Nov. 15, if I have some I'll continue the alpha 4 plan, if it's not the case I'll transfer the rest of the todo list for the alpha 5 [0.5.5].

The joy of part-time coding.


  1. Tomorrow I think I can finally buy the pc,
    I hope to get to finish the translation,
    wanted to tell you that I understand the effort
    that is now reissuing all code, as you say many
    devs do not and after the program/game is
    complete chaos/disorder/nest of errors, have
    patience, I wish you much encouragement from
    here, I have really wanted to try all the
    progress you have made, I can not help you on
    the progress/development I wish I had more
    programming knowledge to help you in all the
    work you're doing that for a single person is
    too, but if something good has farcolony is
    that the boss is not going to take the anger
    go slower or faster xD , grettings and
    encouragement still counting the days to the
    alpha 4

  2. I've bought and installed the new pc, now I can stay up to date of developments are xD greetings;)

  3. I've finished the translation and you add two photos of two little mistakes that I found graphic overlay text and the message is not set SPMI