Best Wishes + Dev Status

Here's a small ranting post to wish you a good end of year, even if many of us are currently struggling in Europe.

For my part, the development of FARC will continue even during these days off, since that I don't really partying during this period and my familly is remote.

The mission cancellation is done and I working on the memes management by rewriting its code. I hope so to kill the last show stopper bug, since the Alpha 3, by this way. I've already seen some parts to improve, and did it.

After that I'll begin to implement the planetary survey, and particularly the resources survey, and so will be the status of the Alpha 5 by the end of the year.

Stay tuned.


  1. Happy Holidays mate and happy coding :)

  2. happy holidays good work thanks for all your work and merry crhistmas xD

  3. May the Force be with you,far proyect,good job man

    1. Thank you, internet Jedi! :)
      It's a long way until the beta yet but hey, madness has not limits :)
      May the Force be with you too.