Alpha 5 [0.5.5] Dev Status: Display of Resources Spots

The basic implementation of the display of the resource spots is done.
Here's 3 screenshots for the 3 possible displays in the game:

As you can see it's pretty basic but usable and totally integrated to the already existing interface. Of course I'll see to improve it.

The next step is to implement all the rules about the planetary survey and the resources survey and to setup also additional interface elements to let the player be able to setup a survey expedition.
After that the resource survey will be done and the hardcoded data will be removed, that's mean that for the Alpha 5 you will have to setup an expedition to be able to discover resource spots and to exploit them. No more free lunch!


  1. you really good progress, as you say are basic but discharge their responsibilities and therefore serve to test the alpha 5 when this lista.yo see more news soon XD


  2. I love how far along this mod has come. I can't wait to see where it will be at this time next year.:D

    1. Hey Sigma, thank you, and thanks again for your icons!

      But, huh, FARC isn't a mod :p

    2. Sorry, I've been looking at a lot of mods recently. It was a typo. :P