Alpha 5 [0.5.5] Dev Status: Release Date, About Box, Resource Survey Interface

I can confirm now that the Alpha 5 will be released before end of March. The resource survey will be completed before this month, and the turn based subsystem on the next one.

I also completed the side development of the overhaul of the about box and it's 100% integrated to the Alpha 5 now, out of the multilanguage localization that I must finish shortly. It will be useful in near future, especially since I begin to expand the assets of the game.

Considering the resource survey, I currently working to complete the expedition setup interface. After that I will implement the planetary survey system and will integrate ways to inform the player about an expedition progress.

That's all for now.

Parallel Development

FYI I pursue a sort of parallel development beside the Alpha 5. I using my break at work to develop two secondary parts that will be implemented in future alpha releases.
The first part is the complete update of the Socio Political Matrix itself, and particularly its influence matrix. Better influence modifiers are generated with more variance, and many of them have been updated too, according to what influence what. With that I also adding new policies and memes.

The second part is the complete overhaul of the about/credits panel with better sorting, better licenses display and better credits display too. The part of the XML concerning this has been completely rewritten now, and for me it will be easier and less messy to add future works that don't belong to me but are free to use under their proper licenses.

So nothing special or new but things takes their final shapes now, even secondary ones.