Alpha 5 [0.5.5] Dev Status: Release Date, About Box, Resource Survey Interface

I can confirm now that the Alpha 5 will be released before end of March. The resource survey will be completed before this month, and the turn based subsystem on the next one.

I also completed the side development of the overhaul of the about box and it's 100% integrated to the Alpha 5 now, out of the multilanguage localization that I must finish shortly. It will be useful in near future, especially since I begin to expand the assets of the game.

Considering the resource survey, I currently working to complete the expedition setup interface. After that I will implement the planetary survey system and will integrate ways to inform the player about an expedition progress.

That's all for now.


  1. alpha 5 is released in end of feb or march? in other post i view end of febr

    1. Sorry for the delay in the answer.

      By the end of March.