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Alpha 5 [0.5.5] Release

The Alpha 5 is done and officially released.
As usual there's one feature that is postponed toward the next releases.
Here are the changes:

the 3d has now minor updates and adjustments, especially for the space units.the range tables for the security data in the Colony Simulation Model were been refined and the ratio recalculated.a complete overhaul of the about panel has been made, and the information about the licenses are clarified and updated. Alejandro Ramos (nenexulo22) has been added in the credits.the assets have been expanded (the first time since 2 years) with icons for the resources spots and the resources survey.complete overhaul of the action popup menu. It is replaced with a more stable customized interface and prevents a crash that could occur sometimes.a basic mission cancellation for the interplanetary transit mission is now implemented and working.the framework of the planetary survey system is implemented.the core of the resource survey subsystem is implemented.a…

Alpha 5 [0.5.5] Dev Status: Pre-Release Post

Finally the planetary survey comes to an end tonight.
I just need to update the interface to show updates about survey progress, when it's needed, and that's all.

FARC Alpha 5 will be released during the weekend of March 30/31 and a new video, explaining how works the resource survey, will be uploaded this same weekend.

It has been a hell of a work as usual but it's nothing compared to what's coming in the next releases.

Stay tuned for this release, and, I don't say it enough, but thanks to all of you that follow silently and less silently the progress of this project.

Alpha 5 [0.5.5] Dev Status: Feature postponed and Planetary Survey

Alpha 5 [0.5.5]:
expected: before the end of March 2013
Main To-Do-List:

!DONE! - the action popup menu will be replaced with a custom interface more stable, the current menu can freeze the interface if used in some ways.!DONE! - the Interplanetary Transit mission will be re-enabled.!DONE! - the mission cancellation will be finally completely implemented.!DONE! - the SPM memes management will be fixed (the bug that freeze FARC at March 1st). Don't worry, for now the memes management is simply disabled in the alpha 4.!DONE! - the transition for conversion/assembling/building will be fixed (some errors have been reported).!IN DEVELOPMENT! - the framework of the planetary survey system will implemented, including the resource survey.!POSTPONED! - the turn-based subsystem will be implemented and will be switchable with the realtime subsystem. First I must say that I'm sorry but I can't fulfill the to-do-list for this Alpha 5.
I must postpone the turn-based subsystem toward th…

Alpha 5 [0.5.5] Dev Status: I Am Alive

Sorry for the lack of post, I had a "brain holyday" for one week (too much modded Civilization IV), with slower code updates.

I will complete the interface for expedition setup this weekend (it's nearly finished) and I'll put the planetary survey too. I'll work full time Saturday and Sunday for it.
From Monday I will begin to implement the last feature of the Alpha 5, the turn-based subsystem.