Alpha 5 [0.5.5] Dev Status: I Am Alive

Sorry for the lack of post, I had a "brain holyday" for one week (too much modded Civilization IV), with slower code updates.

I will complete the interface for expedition setup this weekend (it's nearly finished) and I'll put the planetary survey too. I'll work full time Saturday and Sunday for it.
From Monday I will begin to implement the last feature of the Alpha 5, the turn-based subsystem.


  1. As usual with this complicated stuff there's delay...
    The planetary survey will be completed this week.

  2. Yes happy holyday!

  3. Hey, thanks to you two :)
    But this holyday is finished now, since Monday. I am pushing the dev of the survey to complete it this week. No pressure but I really want to release this Alpha 5 before March 31st.
    There's a sh*tload of thing to do after that Alpha 5 so I need to accelerate a bit, Winter comes to an end! :)
    Next week I have a day off, I'll use it for dev FARC too.

  4. Get back to work and stop wasting time on porn :D

    1. ROFL!!!!

      Please, don't expose my secret's secrets :( (sissy's voice included).

      Haha good one man :)

  5. Replies
    1. It goes well, but I don't think I'll have time to implement the turn-based subsystem.
      Anyway I can add this one in any subsequent release. The key feature for Alpha 5, among the others ones already made, is the planetary survey system and its subsystem: the resources survey. It will be 100% complete at the time of release.
      As for all things with FARC, all is more complicated, on a game system POV.
      But anyway it's what I want and it always open onto a good (I hope) simulation.

  6. FYI, the size of the added code in this alpha 5 is bigger than the ones in any previous alpha, excepted for the alpha 1. But even compared to the 1, the 5 could be bigger than it at the release date.

    So it's not a small update :)

  7. Tomorrow (friday) I have a day off, I'll devote it to dev FARC full time.