Alpha 5 [0.5.5] Release

The Alpha 5 is done and officially released.
As usual there's one feature that is postponed toward the next releases.
Here are the changes:

  • the 3d has now minor updates and adjustments, especially for the space units.
  • the range tables for the security data in the Colony Simulation Model were been refined and the ratio recalculated.
  • a complete overhaul of the about panel has been made, and the information about the licenses are clarified and updated. Alejandro Ramos (nenexulo22) has been added in the credits.
  • the assets have been expanded (the first time since 2 years) with icons for the resources spots and the resources survey.
  • complete overhaul of the action popup menu. It is replaced with a more stable customized interface and prevents a crash that could occur sometimes.
  • a basic mission cancellation for the interplanetary transit mission is now implemented and working.
  • the framework of the planetary survey system is implemented.
  • the core of the resource survey subsystem is implemented.
  • addition of new product's functions: Survey - Air, Survey - Antigrav, Survey - Ground, Survey - Space and Survey - Swarm Antigrav. Obviously they concern the planetary survey system.
  • addition of equipments: Airships, Antigrav Scout Platform, Rover Survey Vehicles, Scout Autonomous Rovers, UAVs Survey Vehicles and Utility Fog Scout.
  • the memes management is rewritten, re-enabled and bug fixed (the last show stopper bug included in the old code has been killed).
  • some additions are shown on the surface panel, the main one concern the display of the resources spots and all the resources survey related texts.
  • the data structure of the universe is expanded with the region's EMO modifier; there are now 7 modifiers: Planetary Survey Ground, Planetary Survey Air, Planetary Survey Antigrav, Planetary Survey Swarm Antigrav, CAB, Infrastructure Wearing Coefficient and Ground Combat.
Lines of code added (w/o XML): 4,470
For the full changes list, please refer to the Download page.

The postponed features are the turn-based subsystem, which I will try to put it in the next releases, and the survey automations, that will be added in the Alpha 6.
I don't like to not fulfill my objectives but anyway, what is done is done.

The full package is available here: Google Code Download Page
If you have a previous Alpha installed you must download the full package too, since there are assets additions. There's no separate core package for this release.

So to recapitulate the oncoming dev, here the near future dev schedule:

Alpha 6 [0.6.0]:
expected: before the end of August 2013 (at best)
what it will include:

  • the full completion of the FARC Universe Generator (FUG). For now only the star system and stars generation is implemented. The big step concerns the orbital objects themselves (the planets and asteroids).
  • the implementation of the first complete and definitive star and planetary system: the Alpha Centauri system (the one actually in game is only a placeholder for testing purposes). That also includes all the customized surface maps, which will be required, generated with a 3rd application: Fractal Terrains.
  • the ability to load a saved game including a 3D scene cleanup w/o put any interference in the game flow. That will include certainly some audit of the code concerning the 3d "engine" (if I can call my basic stuff like that).
  • the implementation of the automation for the planetary survey.
  • [optional] the turn-based subsystem.
That's all, stay tuned.


  1. Just downloaded the alpha and playing it right now. FARC is looking better and better with each release, so keep it up.

    P.S. : Putting in some music and sound effects would add a lot of atmosphere to the game. When playing your alphas I usually fire up my mediaplayer and play some space drone music in the background. That would perfectly fit FARC :)

    1. Hi Sascha and thank you!
      I haven't added the music yet because at this unplayable/not completed stage I don't think that's the right time (a bit too early). I can be wrong I know.
      For the sound effects, yep that could be cool. The funny thing is that I collected many free sound/music files over the years :)
      "I usually fire up my mediaplayer and play some space drone music in the background. That would perfectly fit FARC "
      Haha yeah, I'm also a usual listener of space/ambient/drone, and most of the music files for FARC are in the same vibe and style.

  2. i try this new alpha thanks for your work and so improving every day to follow

  3. i found bug when alt+tab to switch tasks on one occasion I could luo continue the game by not returning the game to be the main task the game continues to run but I have not been able to play since it is the inactive window, i found some minor bugs traduction, i work more bit to investigate all problems.

    1. Strange, I never had this kind of bug, especially since FARC is a window and not in full screen.
      I'll try it in a virtual machine.

  4. While I have also translated the credits