Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Orbital Objects Generation, Geophysical Data and Manual Edition

The basic interface to manually edit some of the parameters for each orbital object is done.
The data that can be edited concerns for now some of the orbital data and many of the geophysical data.
Geophysical data are about the object itself, so its diameter, density, mass, gravity, and escape velocity and so on. For now the calculations aren't fully implemented yet but they will be in the next days. There is some work because I also updating the main design documents with the generation rules and formulas taken from ancient (like made 8/9 years ago) documents and also from an ancient and complete source code. Because for the history, the first program that I have made in the FAR Colony project is the generator itself... in 2003.

Here's a screenshot of the orbital objects pad with manual edition:

It's not pretty but it's an internal tool that you will not see during a game, so it's not relevant.

Of course this part of interface isn't complete; in the future it will be also possible to edit part of the ecosphere, the biosphere the object's regions and its eventual satellites.

The line code count climbing exponentially and that isn't surprising because there are many calculations and the code I put in the FUG is based on the old generator, which takes itself about 14,000 lines of code, about 24% of the entire size of the alpha  5...

The manual edition will also allow me to craft entire star systems according to my liking but also physics and mathematic coherence. You will note from now that I will never use the terms realism/realistic because FARC stay a sci-fi space game and isn't an astronomy/astrophysics program nor a prediction of the future. Coherence fit better for this kind of strategy/simulation.

The repartition of the orbital objects themselves is based on 3 possible statistical models: Sol-Like, Extrasol-like and balanced. This third one is a mean of the two first ones.

Here's the example of an Extrasol-like repartition, from the main document:
There are more than 4 types of objects; these 4 are only the basic ones at the start of the generation.

Geophysical data are calculated according a mix of standard physics formulas and statistical rules taken/based from diverse sources.

So what's next?

First I completing the geophysical calculations, after that I will implement the ecosphere, the orbital periods/seasons, the surface generation which include the regions and the data link toward the fractal rendering software Fractal Terrains, the biosphere, the resources and finally the satellites.

After all that, and about 10,000 more lines of code, I will craft the first final planetary system of the game: the Alpha Centauri system, which will replace the current placeholder. It will also include its custom planetary surface maps.

PS: I would like to thanks the first direct contributor; aside the two ones that have Flattr'd the game, which made me a PayPal donation about more than 1 week ago. Thank you Blob!

Haha, that's all for now, stay tuned.


  1. Here I show that the detailed data do not work and that the word appears untranslated missions

    current word appears here instead of the Spanish word "actual" I also wonder if the two commas that appear are a mistake or have a meaning

    Here are two untranslated texts which I have not found the xml files do not think you have to be able to translate: product to produce and threshold to reach

    here appears bad day

    1. "Here I show that the detailed data do not work and that the word appears untranslated missions"

      Fixed, the rest will follow :)