Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Orbital Objects Generation, Geophysical Data nearly completed

Sorry for the lack of post, but with the FUG there is not much to show you.

Things take a bit more time than planned because the ancient code of the generator I made 9 years ago is plagued by bugs and calculations errors, and besides that, step by step I also must update the design document too.
But things go at good pace and I nearly completed this part, the geophysical data.

Manual edition is entirely working and done too, and many calculations adjustments were been applied for stars and orbital data.

The geophysical data concerns the orbital object's physical data like diameter, inclination axis, gravity, escape velocity and so on.

Once it is completed, in the next days, I'll begin to implement the calculation of the ecosphere, including the atmosphere, seasons,  and hydrosphere. The interface will also be updated to allow manual edition of some of these data.

With some hope I think I will complete the FUG before the end of May, and that's a good thing because it's the biggest part of the alpha 6.

Some much job for some data :)

Stay tuned.