Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Ecosphere

Here's a small post to say that the dev isn't frozen but I working since 6 days on the design of the ecosphere.
The only problem is that at the time I coded the old version of the FUG I didn't made any design document, only a few notes, and part of the code have errors as you could imagine so I design the rules of the ecosphere from the scratch. There aren't many data compared to the geosphere data: in fact only those that concern the atmosphere (its composition, pressure and including the clouds cover) and those that concern the hydrosphere. But these two parts are fairly... complicated.
Anyway I hope to complete it this weekend and start its development that shouldn't, at the contrary of its design, takes too much time.

Once completed I will begin the dev of the regions including the data link for Fractal Terrains.

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: The Satellites Generation, Phase I Comes to Completion

Finally the phase I of the satellites generation comes to an end. I can now finish the design of the tectonic activity rule, apply that for the satellites and after for the non satellites objects (including the tidal differential stress) and the geophysical data will be fully implemented.

The interface is also entirely done for this part.

In the next step after that I will implement the process of the ecosphere data.

I know that's nothing thrilling to show yet but the FUG constitute one of the backbone of the FARC universe.

About the deadline, nothing has changed: aside the user's interface, the progress of the FUG goes well because it is 90% of calculations and stats. I think the ecosphere will be completed before the end of May, afterward maybe 1 or 1 1/2 month will be needed to put the regions, the dialog interface for generating Fractal Terrains surface maps, and the biospheres.

It is anyway the only alpha which concern an indirect feature of the game, so be patient :)

That's all for now, stay tuned and thanks again for your support and interest!

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Satellites Generation, Phase I

I stopped the calculation of the geophysical data at the tectonic activity, because I need data from eventual satellites. So I beginning to implement the phase I of the satellites generation including: additional interface element to setup the satellites and addition of the calculations of the basic, orbital and geophysical data.

It is required to generate them now because I need to calculate the eventual differential tidal stress between each central planet and its satellites, for the tectonic activity data.

Once completed, I'll begin the implementation of the generation of the ecosphere.

For reminder, the next steps after that are: the regions w/ the manual edition interface to allow generating custom maps into Fractal Terrain and bringing back the regions' information into the FUG, part of the resources, the biosphere, and the last part of the resources. Theses update concerns also the satellites.

Finally I will update the FUG with my last updated notes about minor changes here and here and this big step of the alpha 6 will be completed.

NB: FUG= FARC Universe Generator