Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: The Satellites Generation, Phase I Comes to Completion

Finally the phase I of the satellites generation comes to an end. I can now finish the design of the tectonic activity rule, apply that for the satellites and after for the non satellites objects (including the tidal differential stress) and the geophysical data will be fully implemented.

The interface is also entirely done for this part.

In the next step after that I will implement the process of the ecosphere data.

I know that's nothing thrilling to show yet but the FUG constitute one of the backbone of the FARC universe.

About the deadline, nothing has changed: aside the user's interface, the progress of the FUG goes well because it is 90% of calculations and stats. I think the ecosphere will be completed before the end of May, afterward maybe 1 or 1 1/2 month will be needed to put the regions, the dialog interface for generating Fractal Terrains surface maps, and the biospheres.

It is anyway the only alpha which concern an indirect feature of the game, so be patient :)

That's all for now, stay tuned and thanks again for your support and interest!