Alpha 6 [0.6.0] (Late) Dev Status: Hydrosphere Completion and Regions

Finally the hydrosphere is 100% complete, including its interface.

Now I begin the last part of the FUG, the regions.
Each non gaseous planet and each asteroid have their surface separated in 4 to 30 regions dependent of its size.
These regions have their proper basic features (terrain type and relief), weather (weather type, seasonal temperatures, winds and rainfall) and also their resources represented by the resources spots that can be discovered by a planetary survey.
The basic features of these regions are defined by the custom surface map generated in Fractal Terrains, so the map stay coherent with the regions' data, at least for the basic features, the rest is generated inside the FUG.
The biosphere data will be also generated in same time, because some of them generate possible resources too.
So that's it, I hope to not take too much time in it and to complete the FUG before July 15th because I need time to generate the first playable planetary system of the game and also apply the other features of this alpha 6.

This day off helped a bit, so let's continue to work on this alpha 6.

Thanks for your interest, take care and keep it up.

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] (Late) Dev Status: Hydrosphere and Planet's Types

The implementation of the interface for the manual edition of the atmosphere is done.
I actually implementing the hydrosphere and this part have induced two major changes in FARC.
The first one is that the types of hydrosphere has been revised and finally expanded to 9. Here's the list:
  • Liquid Water
  • Water Ice Sheet
  • Water Ice Crust
  • Liquid Water-Ammonia
  • Liquid Methane
  • Methane Ice Sheet
  • Methane Ice Crust
  • Nitrogen Ice Sheet
  • Nitrogen Ice Crust
There were many weird bits of code in the old version of the generator for determining the hydrosphere, it is far better now, and the atmosphere-less planets will have more variations.

The second thing is that the types of planets are greatly reduced and simplified and for two reason: one because FARC has far enough of data to define an orbital object without to categorize each one by Earth-like, Venusian or whatever else, including the derivation of each hydrosphere. Second, because ALL the telluric and icy planets will have a custom surface map. That's mean that the standard surface map actually in game will be removed in the alpha 6. Fractal Terrains, the software I using to generate the maps, is in its last version able to generate barren/craterized surface maps. So there are no more reason to use standard and boring ones.
Don't forget that these surface maps aren't here only to "beautify" the interface but the determination of some data for each region is even based on them. Fractal terrain provides a wealth of planetary data for it. So in clear the maps really stick to  the region's data.
That will give me a bit more of work but the result will worth it, since no surface maps will be the same. Only the ones used for the gaseous planet will stay standard.

So that's it, since the 24 is a day off I will work my ass off to finish the ecosphere and begin the last part of the FUG: the regions.

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] (Late) Dev Status: Hydrosphere

The design of the hydrosphere is just finished this Saturday night. I'll begin to implement it this Sunday.
After that I will need to implement the Seasonal data + Clouds Cover and Albedo, and this step will be completed.

After that I will begin the final step of the FUG, the regions (including the Fractal Terrains link, the resources and the biosphere).