Alpha 6 [0.6.0] (Late) Dev Status: Hydrosphere Completion and Regions

Finally the hydrosphere is 100% complete, including its interface.

Now I begin the last part of the FUG, the regions.
Each non gaseous planet and each asteroid have their surface separated in 4 to 30 regions dependent of its size.
These regions have their proper basic features (terrain type and relief), weather (weather type, seasonal temperatures, winds and rainfall) and also their resources represented by the resources spots that can be discovered by a planetary survey.
The basic features of these regions are defined by the custom surface map generated in Fractal Terrains, so the map stay coherent with the regions' data, at least for the basic features, the rest is generated inside the FUG.
The biosphere data will be also generated in same time, because some of them generate possible resources too.
So that's it, I hope to not take too much time in it and to complete the FUG before July 15th because I need time to generate the first playable planetary system of the game and also apply the other features of this alpha 6.

This day off helped a bit, so let's continue to work on this alpha 6.

Thanks for your interest, take care and keep it up.


  1. good, it is less work, good progress hopefully all goes well. a greeting

    1. Yeah, it's not that is boring to do but finally, I will be able to work on the game itself again.
      Thanks Alejandro :)

  2. hi man, i am playing farcolony alpha 5[] in windows 7 home premium 64 bit and i get a error in continue game(Ctrl+C)after save the game and cant continue this game, i have to star new game, this error say in a window " Could not convert variant of type(OleStr) into type (double)" if you need a capture i send you.

    thanks ,good work, good game

    1. Hi campus206, it is a problem of data format when it read the saved game file. It's strange because I don't remember to have any problem of this type in the alpha 5, but I will install this release tonight into a virtual machine and I will see.
      It is an easy fix anyway, if there is a problem, it will be fixed for the alpha 6, I can deliver you a patch since the alpha 6 heavily modify the universe.xml file.
      Sorry for this's a shame if I let pass this one...and thanks for the report!

    2. By the way could you send me your saved game file?
      In case of.

  3. the problem is fixed,i select "save and cleanup all other files" and i can continue the game,i think that this problem could be caused by old files an version of game intalled in my old folder game,it is posible?,thanks to you,i like this game,i learning to play

    1. Oh yeah, that's that then.
      Since the game is not complete and in alpha stage, each new release isn't compatible with the previous ones for the saved game files. It due to the changes and additions in the game system. I don't put a warning message about it since it's an alpha, but yeah that's the culprit
      I prefer that, I don't like a report for something I would have seen and fixed :)

      Thanks for appreciating the game, even more since at this current state it yet lack of many gameplay features.

    2. hi man, the error has come back, if you need some file,i send to you,tell me which is the file that you want,sorry for my english :)

    3. I tested in one virtual machine and haven't seen any error, apart for the first time w/ text localization du to an old configuration file, but after the removal of the old farcolony folder all was OK.
      Could you completely delete the "farcolony" folder in your My Documents folder and try again?

    4. If it doesn't work, compress the farcolony folder and send it to me.
      No problem for the English, it's not my mother tongue either. :)