Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Surface Maps Generation & Fractal Terrains (w/ screenshots)

Tonight I began to learn again, and adjust, Fractal Terrain.

I have some work because I need to read again the ebook concerning the big addon for this software, but it will be worthwhile.

I know that's not the first time I post one, but here's two screenshots of Fractal Terrains in action w/ the setup of stuff for FARC:

I found an old file (from 2008 yeah!) with all the grid templates that correspond to each max number of regions an orbital object can have. These grids in FT are superimposed onto the surface maps to help me to decide of the relief and plain/coastal/oceanic status of each region.
In the game, in the colony panel or surface panel, the selection box onto a surface map reproduces exactly these configurations.
For information, these are only basic surface maps; it is possible to generate as bit more complex than these.
On the code side, I continue to design the land generation before to implement it.

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Land Types + Surface Maps Generation

Finally, the weather part is done. Now I begin the land type generation for each region to process including the data interfacing with Fractal Terrains. It will also include an update of the interface to allow to manually editing two data: the region's coastal/oceanic status and its relief.

After that, the last part will be about the biosphere and the resources spots.

I'm late as usual but the development of the generator goes to an end too, and honestly I'm eager to develop another part of the game now.

Stay tuned.

Friday's Surprise

Haha, no, not a release this Friday yet :)

I know that the title could be misleading, but I just to inform you that I put tomorrow as a holiday, and so will work on FARC full time.
I badly want to complete the FUG as soon as possible, to be able to generate the first planetary system of the game and update the 3d with then new changes in data (like for the asteroid belts).

Well, sorry for the joke, I'm back to work now.

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Region's Climate

The design of the climate is finished today and I will begin its implementation.
The next step is the land type generation, including the data interfacing for Fractal Terrains, and so I will be able to begin to generate surface maps. It will also include interface updates to allow me to edit each region of an orbital object, particularly to set its relief and specify if the region is coastal or not or an ocean, based on the surface maps that Fractal Terrains will generate.
After all that, the last step will be the resources and the biosphere, and that will be finally done, after more than 10,000 lines of code.

Stay tuned.

(addon) Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Regions w/ Their Basic Generation and Surface Temperatures

The surface temperature calculations by region is done. Night variation is pull out of the current development of the FUG, since there are not really used for the FUG and that day/night simulation isn't taken in account in the game. Now I'm working on the climate of each regions.

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Regions w/ Their Basic Generation and Surface Temperatures

Sorry for the lack of SVN commits, for now I doing reverse engineering of the old code and put the calculations and design in the main doc.
The generation of the number of regions is done and I'm working on the calculations of surface temperatures by region, according to the latitudes and day/night variations.
It is a bit long because, as usual, the old code is a mess with some errors and sometimes not easy to understand but the RE progress.
What is the use to it? The answer is simple: to provide something coherent to temperatures across the surface and region by region according to the orbital object's inclination axis, period of rotation, orbit eccentricity, clouds cover and hydrosphere. If it wasn't implemented, all the regions would have the same temperatures regardless their locations on the surface.
These temperatures are also the backbone to process the next step: the region's weather.

Regarding of the delay, I really hope to complete the FUG before August 1st...

Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Orbital Periods and Regions

Before to work on the last part of the FUG, the regions, I implemented the orbital periods.
These periods are used to indicate the base and surface temperature according to if an orbital object is at its closest, farthest or intermediary orbit from its star.
Base temperature is a temperature based only on the distance of the object from it's star and the star's luminosity. The formula is pretty simple:

252 / sqrt( DistanceAU / sqrt( StarLuminosity ) )   [in Kelvin]

The surface temperature modifies the basic temperature with the object's geophysical and atmospheric properties; like greenhouse gases, optical depth and convection.

These data constitute the basic data required to process the regions.

So, since this part is completed I begin now the implementation of the regions themselves.

Just to give you an idea of the result since the start of the FUG's development, here's a XML file of a generated planetary system:

 Google Docs XML file

 Its generation is totally random, excepted for the star where I taken the Sun's data. The configuration of this system is fairly varied and even contain a planet with liquid water. There's no asteroid belt in this one, but anyway it's not the most interesting object to show :)

Stay tuned.