Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Regions w/ Their Basic Generation and Surface Temperatures

Sorry for the lack of SVN commits, for now I doing reverse engineering of the old code and put the calculations and design in the main doc.
The generation of the number of regions is done and I'm working on the calculations of surface temperatures by region, according to the latitudes and day/night variations.
It is a bit long because, as usual, the old code is a mess with some errors and sometimes not easy to understand but the RE progress.
What is the use to it? The answer is simple: to provide something coherent to temperatures across the surface and region by region according to the orbital object's inclination axis, period of rotation, orbit eccentricity, clouds cover and hydrosphere. If it wasn't implemented, all the regions would have the same temperatures regardless their locations on the surface.
These temperatures are also the backbone to process the next step: the region's weather.

Regarding of the delay, I really hope to complete the FUG before August 1st...

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