Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Surface Maps Generation & Fractal Terrains (w/ screenshots)

Tonight I began to learn again, and adjust, Fractal Terrain.

I have some work because I need to read again the ebook concerning the big addon for this software, but it will be worthwhile.

I know that's not the first time I post one, but here's two screenshots of Fractal Terrains in action w/ the setup of stuff for FARC:

I found an old file (from 2008 yeah!) with all the grid templates that correspond to each max number of regions an orbital object can have. These grids in FT are superimposed onto the surface maps to help me to decide of the relief and plain/coastal/oceanic status of each region.
In the game, in the colony panel or surface panel, the selection box onto a surface map reproduces exactly these configurations.
For information, these are only basic surface maps; it is possible to generate as bit more complex than these.
On the code side, I continue to design the land generation before to implement it.