Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Surface Maps Generation & Fractal Terrains

OK, I have now switched to another internet provider, so the SVN pulls are back.

This weekend I worked mainly to create procedures to generate surface maps with Fractal Terrains, and explored its big addon.
The fact is this software with the addon opens the doors to nearly limitless possibilities. So I would be able to generate maps that don't resemble each other.

In the code side, I finished the design of the land and relief types' generation. It was the last step before I begin to implement the first phase of the regions generation.
Since I also explored Fractal Terrains from A to Z, I also determined which planetary data are required to generate maps that correspond, the best possible, to the generated data.

So now I begin to implement this first phase completely, including the update of the interface.

Afterward I will test, with one planet, if all is OK and I will begin the second phase the regions generation, which is finally, the last part of the FARC Universe Generator development.

I'm perhaps a bit late, because as usual I want each detail at the best, but it would be OK to release for August 31.

That's all, for now.


  1. wow it sounds like a lot of work And a terrific game to play.
    good job and may the source be with you

    1. Thank you.
      Well, there is not enough gameplay yet for my taste but it will come.
      Yep it's a lot of work, it's why I working on all the core game systems, even if it means to deliver a feeble amount of assets until I expand them.
      In fact the FUG will be the only 100% completed part of the game until the first post-1.0 releases will arrive, and it is taking actually 10,712 lines of code (about 18% of FARC code size before I began the development of the Alpha 6).