Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Surface Maps Generation (WIP) - The Hell with the Climates

Since the deadline come close day after day, the stress rising and the bugs are a REAL pain.

I passed days on multiple calculations bugs and also incoherencies of the Climate model to finally fix it completely only... now...

Yeah the FUG isn't really completed yet...

I had to remake entirely the calculations of the wind speed and fix the calculations for the rainfall.

Details? Yes, especially since the FUG must be finalized and completed at Beta stage even before the game itself...

But it's OK now, finally, and works whatever the environment, even if the planet has a cool ammonia or methane atmosphere and hydrosphere so healthy for us humans.

Now I can FINALLY complete the user's interface for Fractal Terrains and FINALLY pass to the last step of this 5 MONTHS of development.

Yeah I'm a bit grumpy :]

Stay tuned and pray for the release at the planned date.


  1. Hey thanks Chelsea.

    Dunno why your comment has been removed but thanks anyway :)


    Any idea what cna be causing this?
    It happens when I savegame, close it and then I open again an try to load savegame and this pop up


    2. that seems to be a bug in the loading of a float data in your saved game file.
      Nothing big to fix. Please send me your saved game directory ( My Documents / farcolony / SavedGames to

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks to you, Alejandro :)
      The FUG is an internal debug tool, so there's no language localization for it.