Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status:Habitability Indexes, EMO and Resources

The habitability indexes are now implemented. They give a quick glimpse to how an orbital object fit or not fit for unprotected human beings.

The Environment Modifiers (or EMO, yeah no pun on this) are a set of modifiers for each region of any asteroid and telluric/icy planet that are used during Surveys, Constructions/Assembling/Building of infrastructures, Infrastructure Wearing and Ground Combat... and so affect them directly. These modifiers are calculated according to some of the data of each region that are sometimes also mixed with some data of the orbital object itself.

OK, what need to be done?  Here is the list:

  • Resources (first phase)
  • Biosphere
  • Orbital Object's Environment
  • Resources (final phase)
 The calculations for the Biosphere and Orbital Object's Environment are small, and for the resources...are well... less small.
The Resources are in two phase because two data are linked to the results of the calculations for the biosphere.
I always hope to complete all that until this weekend and generate this first planetary system and...
Finally upload and close this alpha 6.

That's a very tight schedule as usual :)


  1. You can do it, JF! I frakkin' love playing F.A.R. Colony!

    1. Haha thanks Max! :) You'll certainly love it better when it will be more complete than it is now. The next major updates concern only the major parts of the game system that aren't here yet.

      Alpha 6 will be released this weekend for sure.