Happy BDay FARC!

Today, four years of development have passed, since this iteration has started on August 16 / 2009.

So what to say?
In the past 4 years, not much has been made, compared to what I can see for most indie games.
Of course I don't work fulltime on it, and if it was the case I certainly could have reached the same state two years earlier.
But anyway, in 2 weeks the alpha 6 is released.

There are 8 major releases left until the 1.0 and certainly the same amount of minor releases (with < 2 weeks of work) to do too... and my goal is the end of 2015...
Is it a realistic goal? I don't know, maybe not, or maybe I can do it because of course a major alpha doesn't mean obligatory 8 month of work, it will not be the case for two of them at least.
Does that mean that I will stop the dev of the game after that deadline? Nope, there are some additional years of work with additional features to implement.

That's always the dark point in the open source development, and the main reason that many project doesn't reach completion or at least a mature state in an OK time frame.
Added with that, there is always some apprehension that the game couldn't work anymore in case of when a new version of Windows coming.

Without even talking about if at the end the game system will be playable and not breakable because of some flaws...

But on the positive note, some games like Dwarf Fortress continue to be developed even after 10/15 years. So anything can happen :)

So that's it, happy bday FARC and I hope that I will be able to be a little more productive in the times to come.


  1. A lot of Congrats to you for persistence over the past 4 years in the creation of such a nice game, I wish you more persistence, success and happiness to continue and finish this project and maybe later start a new project.


    1. Hey thanks!
      Yeah I hope to make it really playable with all its core systems at the end of 2015.

      I would like to do soemthing else after that but I don't think that it will happen, as I said in the post I have many things I want to expand afterward and there is also a good chunk of work to transform the beta toward a regular version. I will need to put all the assets that missing, mainly the factions.
      Until that, FARC will stay anemic with a minimum of assets.
      Thanks again

  2. I have some calculation bugs w/ the regions (it's the first time that I linked the code to the rest of the FUG), that will take some time...

  3. congratulations and encouragement for the project are doing a great job, I look forward to the new alpha