A note about the keyboard shortcuts

Here's a small post to inform you that I will overhaul the keyboard shortcuts that are used to browse the planet, satellites and space units.

I decided to adopt a more mainstream way and use the WASD configuration. I will add also some hud text to inform the player about what is focused in these 3 categories. WASD is convenient and completely user friendly also for people that have a keyboard w/o a numpad... I forgot that some of you could have one and... :)

I can't say in which alpha I will implement it, I will see, maybe the 7 if I have time or the 9 otherwise. Since I need to overhaul the keyboard shortcuts for time acceleration and add some others for the turn-based subsystem, I will also modify the browsing.

For reminder, F1 popup the help panel with the display of the current keyboard shorcuts.

Stay tuned.

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