Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: Biospheres [Last Post Before RELEASE]

As planned I actually work on the biospheres. There is some work of reverse engineering with the old code, and some other to update the main document of game design but it goes OK.
Anyway I don't implement the complete details: The FUG only generates two data: the biosphere level (BIOL) and biosphere vigor (BIVI).

The BIOL indicate two things: the type of biosphere, among the 5 present in FARC, and the maximum evolution stage the biosphere reached.

The BIVI indicate the biosphere strength in it evolution.

These two data are the two key one to generate the species in-game, when it will be implemented.

After that, I will implement the second phase of the resources which is pretty small since it concern only one resource spot, in fact the last one that is not implemented yet.

Finally I will put some adjustments and will generate the first planetary system tomorrow.

So the alpha 6 will be finally available and a big page of the development will be done.

It's not particularly a quiet weekend but at least an interesting one :)


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    1. I just finished the design/ reverse engineering of the entire biosphere (I passed all the entire day + part of Sunday to do that) so not for today sorry ;(