Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Dev Status: FUG adjustments, XML / OpenGL bugfixes and First Planetary System [Last Post Before RELEASE]

Finally the FUG is complete, the XML data loading is fixed (there were some bugs due to the last changes) and the OpenGL is fixed too: mainly for the custom textures and also an exception, that has no link with what I done in this alpha 6, if you left click in the 3d view.

So I finish checking and implementing/flushing the last notes I put on paper for the FUG and will begin the generation of this planetary system.


  1. And... the winner star for the this first planetary system is Epsilon Eridani.
    Stay tuned :)

  2. Don't worry I continue to work on it, I had to adjust multiple time the FUG, especially the interface.

    But I working on the surface maps. It'S the biggest part of the work :)

  3. Epsilon Eridani has 8 main orbital objects (without counting the satellites), including 2 asteroid belts. the few are based on what we have discovered the rest is purely custom :)
    For now it will be the test system for the players but in the future will be the home of the Magellan Unity faction.

  4. I made a mistake and lose some time, but the alpha 6 will be released tonight EST time

    1. Like to allow an asteroid to have an atmosphere, or trying to tracking and prepareing the surface maps of 80 asteroids...whereas the asteroids in the game doesn't use any surface maps...and it is too much a hell of a job.
      So yeah it will be OK today. The new planetary system looks cool in game even if I need to update the OpenGL in the alpha 7.

    2. So much work for no game play added...

    3. Workin' my ass off for you, it comiiiiiin' :)

    4. Processed 3/8 main orb objects

    My gosh what a work... and even w/ that I detected 2 problems but it's OK, it will be better for the next planetary system :)

    I only have to finish to generate the surface maps, pack that into FARC directories and release that sh*t.


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