Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Information About the Delay and the Release

First I'm very sorry to not been able to release at the date I said.
FARC is a complicated thing, and the generator isn't much different from that.
I passed two days + 1/2 additional one this last weekend to put on the game design document the result of the reverse engineering of biosphere from the old code I made.
Since yesterday I implementing it and it is done at about 75%. I pass time on it but since the universe generator will be released in its beta stage version, I prefer to do it well.
So without say a specific date, I can say that the alpha 6 will be released this week, and don't ask which day I don't know...

In the future I will not announce any date, not before a release is near to be completed, that will prevent waiting time for the people that are interested and will avoid to give them false hope.


  1. 3 Biospheres out to 5 to go and I'm done... and I burn this computer :)

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    1. Don't laugh, or you will cry some Valyria Tears I'll promise! ;(

      OK, it's a 2 cents easy and bad joke I know haha.

    2. Valyria Tear, you're speaking about that 2D JRPG that isn't even 2 hours long?
      Arf, I won't cry : I don't like the lead developer, he's weird, has a teenager's avatar and on top of that, he's French!
      P.S.: Was my own 2 cents easy and bad joke ;)

      Rock on!!

    3. ROFLOMAO!
      Yeah you're right, the ones w/ teenager's avatars are the worst...
      Haha no pb being French, I'm an ex-one who invaded Canada some years ago.

      Thumbs up!