Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Release (who said at last?) :]

The Alpha 6 is done and officially released.
As usual there's two features that are postponed toward the next releases.
Here are the changes:
  • the full completion of the FARC Universe Generator (FUG). For now only the star system and stars generation is implemented. The big step concerns the orbital objects themselves (the planets and asteroids). The data added concern the hydrospheres, the biospheres, the complete region's data (land type, seasonal weather, local resources ) and the surface mapping.
  • the implementation of the first complete and definitive star and planetary system: the Epsilon Eridani system
"That's all? 5 months and 1 week for that?"


OK some numbers: the Size, in lines of code, of this alpha 6 takes 32.4% the entire size of FARC at the alpha 5 stage. Even compared to the current alpha 6, the addition represent 24.5% the total size of FARC.
It is not what I call a small update but the drawback is that nothing new in the gameplay is added, at least for this alpha, because in the alpha 7 the asteroid belts will be added and will be a playable element.

The full package is available here: IndieDB Page
If you have a previous Alpha installed you must download the full package too, since there are assets additions. There's no separate core package for this release.

So to recapitulate the oncoming dev, here is the near future dev schedule:

Alpha 7 [0.6.1]:
expected: before the end of September 2013
what it will include:

  • the inclusion of the asteroid belts into the game, and consequently into the 3d view.
  • the fixes of the user's interface for the Spanish language will be completed.
  • the FUG will be patched with the terminal changes.
  • the quality of each resource spots will be generated after a new game has been setup.
Alpha 8 [0.6.2]:
expected: T.B.D. , in 2013
what it will include:
  • 3d scene cleanup and reloading routine.
  • addition of the hability to download a saved game file before any game or during a game.
Alpha 9 [0.6.3]:
expected: T.B.D., in 2013
what it will include:
  • turn-based subsystem including the ability to switch between realtime and turn-based.
  • the automation of the planetary survey.
Alpha 10 [0.6.5]:
expected: T.B.D., in 2014
what it will include:
  • basic technosciences.
  • technology infusion into the products and infrastructures, including the production system and the linked elements of the user's interface.
  • implementation of the core of the dynamic research & development system (RDS), including its inclusion into the interface by updating the unified management interface.
At this speed I don't think I will be able to deliver a 1.0 in 2015, but hey it's a long-haul bet yet so wait & see.

That's all, stay tuned.


  1. and although it has many new aesthetically or for us is that all this code will make it possible to the rest of alphas and the development of the rest of the game and it's been a great job.

    a greeting

  2. first error in the first run of the alpha 6

    (i have windows 8.1, 8gb ram ddr3, amd fx3150 8 core, nvidia 650gtx 2gb ram ddr5)

    1. I think I know why it makes an integer overflow, there's a bug when you setup a colony and after that you focus another orbital object, open the surface panel and move it or click on the title bar, the colony panel appears, that'S not right, but nothing impossible to fix.

  3. errors graphics:

  4. other error graphic:

  5. other:

  6. pff that's not bugs that features you know.
    Haha I'm joking, I made a quick and dirty code to resize the spacecrafts w/ zoom /unzoom trying to fix this sh*tty opengl engine, but apparently that's not good.
    I will fix it for the alpha 7

  7. For the integer overflow I don't know it, it happens for me too, sometimes and I'm afraid that's the third party component I use for the interface.

    I will look at it too

  8. Here I upload the latest updates to Spanish translation!9c83hTqS!ROIukQDRIObpxPAPbsYEHF-3S3FRF7Cz1Q2ZIzI5XuE!oUMDVYob!QRR5pgabLPpMG4MLgoXjYTkJvI8wsJTQYZuK8LK0mUM

  9. and remember that these two texts I can not translate because they are not in the ui file or the file encyclopaedia


    1. YEah you already reported it at the start of the alpha 5

    2. By the way what is the weird hexagon thingy in the 2nd screenshot? o.O

    3. Oh forget that question, I forgot myself that the alpha 6 has the 3d bug, probably part of a zoomed spacecraft.
      It's fixed anyway

  10. It happens again, the time flow bug, But this time, I have been testing, with 1 or 4 colonization LV used, and the different time speeds.
    The problems seems to be with expedition for resources, airships or rovers, when first day of expedition completes, time stops, no matter what day is.
    Maybe I'm doing a wrogn procedure, First, I set up a colony, then I send expedition.

    By the way nice planet skin

    1. Try the fix with sigma, the planetary survey works OK here...

      "Maybe I'm doing a wrogn procedure, First, I set up a colony, then I send expedition."
      Yeah that's the thing to do. Do you select only the first option for the expedition?

  11. My game suddenly will stop/pause on a random date, trying to resume the game time will cause it to give me a "cannot terminate an externally created thread" error.

    I notice that it tends to happen more often if I set the game speed to tactical time mode.

    1. Try with this exe:

      overwrite, start a new game (alpha 7 is not savegame compatible with previous versions)

    2. Do it happen when you do something or there's something in process (building/planetary survey?)

  12. Your .exe worked perfectly, that issue is solved.

    Also yes, I did have resource surveys running as well as construction. I noticed that one way to offset the error was to select the save and clear files button, also each day I had to set the game speed to tactical time phase then back to historical.

    1. *Do the happy programmer dance* (tm)

      Cool, it's was just one line to disable. The thread that manage the game timer was on autofree, and apparently at one point the game tried to free the thread which was already freed. The joy w/ third party components, but at least I have the source code of this one.
      One additional thing for the alpha 7 :)
      "I noticed that one way to offset the error was to select the save and clear files button, also each day I had to set the game speed to tactical time phase then back to historical."
      It wasn't a bug but a hidden feature too. Haha I'm joking.

  13. Now to figure out how to play the game. :P Resource surveys seem to restart after finishing after 90 days. (using all the airships)

    1. Yes it is normal, at least for me, it's a cycle.
      The duration displayed of 90 days, doesn't represent the duration required to survey the complete region. This part is shown by the [X.XX%] into the resource spots subsection, below the region's data.
      The duration represent in fact the total autonomy of the group of vehicles, and so the total number of standard days the vehicles can be used on site to explore the region, including their time of travel, before it is required that they goes back to base for refitting/replenishment.
      Airships in this case have a very long autonomy, and so can stay on site for a big time (we, of course, don't talk about 20th century airship technology), but are painfully slow if you neeed to operate a survey into a remote region.
      Of course for now, apart if you are a medium or spying into the XML files, you cannot know that because there are no information in game about it. The encyclopedia will be updated in time.

    2. Of course too the survey is slow, like here after 15 days, the 4 airships surveyed only 0.9% of the region and why?
      1/ because the speed and # of the vehicles is taken in account, 2/ each type of vehicle have different level of capabilities for the surveys, 3/ the region itself affect the progress of the survey (by its relief, weather and so on) and finally 4/ for example the surface of a region on Epsilon Eridani 2 takes 9,314,563.6 square kilometers, it's a lot. Of course in the future the survey will not take the entire surface for a coastal region, I will add a data into the orbital object's data to indicate for each coastal region, which is the part of land, in %.