Alpha 6 [0.6.0] Unoficial Release Post

Finally the alpha 6 is done, finito, stomped and killed.
The funny thing is that I don't have the time to make the packages, upload them and make a proper release post, it's 23:13 here and I need to sleep for the job tomorrow.
So by waiting tomorrow, I decided to post some teasing screenies. Tomorrow I will post a proper release with all the details.

So here's Epsilon Eridani:

The only thing that this view miss are the two asteroid belts. The current engine doesn't support them yet and I will add them for the alpha 7 (they will be fully playable).

Epsilon Eridani 1 is an asteroid so no much beauty to show you.

Here is the beauty of this planetary system, Epsilon Eridani 2:

The surface map in the surface panel doesn't do justice to the map itself (they are rendered initially in 4K resolution) but here it goes. It is a water-liquid world a bit more extreme than on Earth and smaller than our planet. It contains a carbon biosphere at Vertebrate Level and will be, later in the development, the home of the Magellan Unity faction.

This planet is fairly denser than Earth and so the gravity is higher (about 22% more than Earth).
So to move your human *ss on it will be all a physical competition :)

Here is the less cool (depend of the sense of cool) world of Epsilon Eridani 3:

This planet is only at 1.19 AU from the star but since it's a K2 star and cooler and less bright than the Sun, the temperatures are pretty cold. This world is a bit larger than Earth and it is fairly rich in ore of all sort.

I pass Epsilon Eridani 4 since it is the first asteroid belt and present the bluish Epsilon Eridani 5:

This planet is one of the two gaseous planets of this system, and is based on the few and real info we have from the direct observations of this planetary system.
As you can see this planet is fairly inclined by nearly 40 degrees, and have only 3 satellites. You can see the yellowish gravitational spheres of two of them at the left of the planet.
Their satellites have not much special, apart the third and farest one which is a captured asteroid (yeah the FUG support that feature) with a density 1.5 time of Earth.

Epsilon Eridani 6 isn't a ice ball like others:
In fact its hydrosphere is made of Methane. Yeah a bit like Titan. It's why that it has this orange-ish color.
This planet is big (a bit less than 20,000km in diameter) and support a subsurface ocean (yeah the FUG and FARC support this feature too)... and .. surprise... have some methane-based life in it. Yeah, fear that methane micro-organisms :)

Epsilon Eridani 7 is the second asteroid belt, so nothing to see too, for now.

Finally here's the last planet of this system, and the second gaseous one: Epsilon Eridani 8:
This one is a big chunk of gas which support 6 satellites.
One of them is a planet with a subsurface ocean and a presence of carbon-based life in it.

So that's it.
Tomorrow I will upload all the stuff, it's 23:51, have a good night.


  1. CONGRATULAIONS!!!! Have a good night and sleep well, we will see you tomorroy again.

  2. congratulations! i happy man. greetings

  3. The next alphas are basically:
    7: asteroid belt + update of the opengl + user's interface
    8: game loading + scene cleanup (used for game loading and also to switch to another star systems)
    9: the turn-based subsystem
    10: next major alpha: basic tech + diffusion into the products and infrastructures + r&d system (a hybrid between a dynamic system and tech trees)
    7.8.9 will be released beofre the end of this year
    10: will be (hopefully) started in December