Alpha 6 In Waiting for Auth in IndieDB

I decided to upload the alpha 6 file, it will be available in the next day.
I waiting until that to unlock the release post.

Until that, you can always goes into the IndieDB page and check if the file is authorized.

All of that is so convenient of course.

By a matter of fact I decided to stop to upload any future code into the Google Code SVN service, and I don't think I am alone to do this along the 300,000 projects on Google Code.


  1. If it were to serve any purpose, I'd be happy to provide a torrent seed, as my upload rate is (usually) high. That would certainly help set up a new way of 'hosting,' no?

    1. Thanks for you proposition Max.
      I don't know if many people will use it since that FARC isn't downloaded a lot for now (about 250 times for the alpha 5) but you are free to seed the .7z when it will be auth by IndieDB in 24/48hrs.
      At least IndieDB provide an instant alternative, it's not the end of the world, but I was just fedup on the moment, and google code was a well integrated platform. But anyway many people have been bothered by this change so we must adapt to it.