Alpha 7 [0.6.1]: fixes completion, Epsilon Eridani 2 fixed + New Surface Maps

The zoom/unzoom and also the initial display of the space units is fixed. It is not perfect but far better than what it was. It also takes in account the distance from the star and avoid the most possible the "jerk effect" of the 3d view when a far space unit is zoomed.

Also if you had freeze with the game timer after one day, it is fixed too. The third party tool adds a sort of autofree feature that was set, interfering with the destruction of the thread if needed.

As I said previously, Epsilon Eridani 2 (the Earth-ish world) is completely fixed. I missed to set the total area of the hydrosphere into Fractal Terrains, so the surface map didn't really represented what looks like the planet, and this error of my part screwed up the nature of all the regions. So the XML for this planet is regenerated, its surface map redone and all is OK now :)
Clearly, the provided 1024*512 resolution of the surface maps doesn't gives justice to the render, but since the 3d isn't vital for the game I only provide 1024*512 texture resolutions. If you want to take a look directly at the maps in all their details you can download the package on the page and download them.

The next step is to regenerate Epsilon Eridani 5, since I made an error in its distance from its star, and that data change a lot of thing, so all must be recalculated.
After that, I will update the OpenGL visualization and will add the ability to display the asteroid belts in the main view, I will transfer the XML data of the two asteroid belts of Epsilon Eridani and finally will release the Alpha 7.

NB: here's the screenshot of the surface map in the making

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