Alpha 7 [0.6.1]: Release

The Alpha 7 is done and officially released.

Here are the changes:
  • the asteroid belts are now displayed and playable in game.
  • the fixes of the user's interface for the Spanish language are done.
  • the FUG is patched with some terminal changes.
  • the quality of each resource spots are now generated after a new game has been setup.
  • the 3D is fixed for the orbits; they are now all correctly displayed.
  • the 3D is fixed for the zoom/unzoom of the space units. It's not perfect but it's better.
  • Epsilon Eridani 2 and 5 have been completely re-generated and fixed, new surface maps have been added.
  • other surface maps have been refined, some are also craterized.
  • some parts of the colony panel and the CPS objectives panel have been  updated in their localization and so are displayed correctly in their respective languages.
  • interface fix for the colony panel which triggered an integer overflow and also an intempestive popup when it wasn't needed.
  • updates of the Spanish language.
  • a timer freeze of the threaded game flow, that could also trigger an exception, is fixed.
  • the textures for the star are improved and a higher resolution is used.
  • in the surface panel, if there is a colony on the focused orbital object, the settlement icons a correctly updated and displayed.
 Is the alpha 7 saved game files from the previous alpha are compatible? No, you will need to start a new game.

The full package is available here: IndieDB Page (please note that the download must be authorized by IndieDB and will be available in the next 24/48 hours).
If you have a previous Alpha installed you must download the full package too, since there are assets additions. There's no separate core package for this release.

Here is the near future dev schedule:

 Alpha 8 [0.6.2]:
expected: October 2013
what it will include:
  • 3d scene cleanup and reloading routine.
  • addition of the ability to download a saved game file before any game or during a game.
  • an implementation of a shortcut system, directly into the popup menu, to allow a quick access to any orbital object inside the currently selected planetary system.
Alpha 9 [0.6.3]:
expected: T.B.D., in 2013
what it will include:
  • turn-based subsystem including the ability to switch between realtime and turn-based.
  • the automation of the planetary survey.
Alpha 10 [0.6.5]:
expected: T.B.D., in 2014
what it will include:
  • basic technosciences.
  • technology infusion into the products and infrastructures, including the production system and the linked elements of the user's interface.
  • implementation of the core of the dynamic research & development system (RDS), including its inclusion into the interface by updating the unified management interface.
Please note that in parallel to the dev at my work, during my breaks, I working to finalize the design document of the research & development system. I finally decided to only implement a dynamic research system. I know that this kind of system have pros and cons compared to tech trees but anyway that's where I am headed.

That's all, back to work :)


  1. the error of the superposition of texts in Spanish is still present:

    and epsilon eridani 7 and 4 is the same? :

  2. "the error of the superposition of texts in Spanish is still present:"
    Dunno what I can do for this one, it seems to be a bug in the third party component.

    "and epsilon eridani 7 and 4 is the same? :"

    7 and 4 are the asteroid belts, so when the 3d view focus on the belt entirely, it's the same, you can see that in the screenshots I already posted. It's not perfect but there is not other way to focus the belt in is entirely.

    1. I dont have the source code of this third-party compo and its not a free one.

    2. I have this problem only after a resize or something, I just close the panels and reopen them and its OK.
      Like maximized in full screen, with the panels opened (1920*1200) => resize to 800*600, superposition happen, just click another tab and all goes ok. Or close the panel, reopen it.
      I think it's more a refresh problems than something else, TMS components aren't the best coded but they works. So I can try to force the refresh but apart that there is nothing else, and all goes well again once you clicked another tab.

    3. I tried a workaround and the workaround works :)
      So you will test it with the alpha 8, when it will be released, but I think that's OK.

  3. FLowtime problem SOLVED!!! =DDD
    But now I need a quick guide or few tips for start playing Far Colony, I dont know what I need to do first or how to do it =P

    1. Yeah, and just with one single line, isn't it marvelous :]
      For the quick guide, I am sorry but you will not see any for now. FARC is fairly incomplete yet and subject to change.
      But, I though that the introductory message was a first point of information (double click on the message board or press 'M' to see it ).
      There is not a lot to do yet, press 's' to browse the space units and focus on the Movane, normally you will see that it has an icon on the right indicating that it has 4 spacecrafts inside of it. Right click in the view and select colonize.
      I think that the rest is straightforward. Don't forget to press 'f1' for the keyboard shortcuts and use the right mouse button in the view to popup the menu of the currently focused object.
      The Encyclopedia is largely incomplete, and I planned to overhaul it with a better presentation of the sections of the game system, but it contains some things.
      ALSO, YES ALSO, you can see my Youtube videos to see how the few gameplay I implemented works. It's not much but all in all it gives some indications :)
      Sorry I can't help more, I would but I must complete the core game system first. The first post beta feature will be a in game tutorial, but it's not before 2015...
      Yeah I know, the Pluto Kuiper Express will be around Pluto by the time...