Alpha 7 [0.6.1]: Virtually Completed - Pre-Release Post

Here is the status:

Alpha 7 [0.6.1]:
expected: before the end of September 2013
main to-do-list:

  • the inclusion of the asteroid belts into the game, and consequently into the 3d view.100% done
  • the fixes of the user's interface for the Spanish language will be completed.
    will be 100% done on sat/sun
  • the FUG will be patched with the terminal changes.
    100 % done
  • the quality of each resource spots will be generated after a new game has been setup.
    100% done
The alpha 7 is virtually completed for its main part. I will release it on the weekend of September 28/29.
I need to complete the fixes for the Spanish language and that's it.

I go to refine this alpha by to continue to apply some code audit and also put an idea I have to use the popup menu to give to the player shortcuts to any orbital object in the current system. So you will be able to switch to any other orbital object by simply to use the popup menu. I just hope that I will time to complete that before this weekend, at least for browsing the main orbital objects.
That will not be a luxury for the satellites too, especially when there are asteroid belts, because like for Epsilon Eridani, its two belts totalise 89 asteroids...

I wanted originally to put an interface into the UMI (Unified Management Interface) with trees, to give the player the ability to do the same, but just found that including these directly into the popup menu is something even more efficient.
The UMI will be populated enough with all the main parts of the game system (trading, research & development, space unit design and so on), so anyway...

I present you the two belts, the first one with its 25 asteroids:

...and the second one with its  64 asteroids:

Yeah, the tiny yellow rings are the gravitational limits of each asteroid, and of course all of them are playable. The XML file of the universe just jumped to 11,625 lines from 2,593.
Crazy? Useless for a game? Well, it is FARC so get used by its craziness, it's only a start... or look for a casual 4X... I'm bad I know :)

Oh also, by fixing some code in the OpenGL renderer, as you can see on the screenshots above I also fixed the display of the orbits of the main orbital objects (the bluish circles. The 90 degrees ones are for planets and asteroids, and the 360 degrees ones are for the belts) but also fixed the ones for the satellites, as this screenshot below shows it:

Before that they weren't displayed at all. It doesn't bring anything into the gameplay but now FARC looks a bit more beta-ish than a first alpha release.
Just admit that circles aren't big things for your video cards :)

That's all, stay tuned.

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