Alpha 7 [0.6.1]: winter cleanup, fixes and refactoring

Here is the status:

Alpha 7 [0.6.1]:
expected: before the end of September 2013
main to-do-list:

  • the inclusion of the asteroid belts into the game, and consequently into the 3d view.
  • the fixes of the user's interface for the Spanish language will be completed.
  • the FUG will be patched with the terminal changes.
    100 % done
  • the quality of each resource spots will be generated after a new game has been setup.
    100% done externally, need to transfert the code once the current build that concern the OpenGL fixes is completed.
The FUG is finally patched with the correction of a few errors I seen when I generated Epsilon Eridani.

The code that I have done to display the 3d view is a complete mess (it has been made before I decided tougher coding rules). So I must clean it up until it bleeds.
I also fixing the druggy issue with the zooming of the space unit that Alejandro reported, it's not a big deal, I tried quickly to improve the zooming of the space units in the alpha 6 and missed the spot apparently.

After this stage I will implement the ability to this "3d engine" to finally display the asteroid belts and will transfer the XML code of the 2 belts of Epsilon Eridani.

Finally I will complete the user's interface fixes for the Spanish language and will release the alpha 7.

NB: if I complete the fourth steps well before the end of September, I will fix the planetary survey too which seems to hang the game after one standard day passed. If it is not the case it will be fixed anyway for the alpha 9.

Stay tuned.