Alpha 7: Epsilon Eridani 5 Fixed + New Surface Maps + Last Phase Until Release

The Epsilon Eridani 5 is finally fixed. The planet is now at its correct orbit distance and have new satellites.

There also new surface maps, since EpsEr5 have some icy planets as satellites.

I also worked deeper on the surface maps, put craters, and even one as a ridged surface, due to its tectonic.

Here are the screenshots of the new planetary satellites:

You can find the new 4K resolution package on its page and download it.

The last main phase of the alpha 7 begin; the 3d "engine" will be updated to be able to display the asteroid belts. Afterward, I will tranfer their XML data into the universe.xml and that will be done.
Secondary, I will also complete the bug fixes for the Spanish language.

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