Alpha 7: Some Whoops Here and Here

I starting the development of the Alpha 7 and opening it with a series of bugs smashing.
Some have been reported but nothing impossible to fix.

The funniest one is that I screwed up the generation of Epsilon Eridani 5 (the first gaseous planet of the system) by entering its eccentricity (0.125) instead of its distance from the star (3.39 AU).
A big difference isn't it? I haven't even seen that something was wrong in the 3d view when I made the screenshot of this planet...

So I added this problem to fix too for the alpha 7 release.

Also someone reported me an exception at the launch of the .exe with an OpenGL context exception. That kind of bug is worst to manage than all the rest, but I tried a workaround, I'm waiting of a feedback from this person.

That's all, stay tuned.


  1. Maybe you can take a week or two to rest, I mean you shouldn't get tired of the project, by bugs or stress.

    1. Thanks Pepelomb but I'm not stressed, I was just fedup to working on the FUG. Not because it isn't interesting but more because it isn't a direct part of gameplay. but it's done now.
      The OpenGL problem isn't a new one, but I think that I found a sort of workaround... I hope.
      Bugs are part of the things, especially for an alpha state and we are "only humans" as would say the Agent Smith :)

    2. But it's cool, another step is done, others one are ahead :)
      A strategy game isn't something easy to do, so let's keep it on!